Since 2012 we have worked in the purest Do It Yourself spirit, bringing the magick of good music to the most demanding listeners, always with the elegance that the art of sounds deserves.

Headed by the drummer, multimedia artist and music producer Marky Wildstone we offer booking, tour management, music promotion and band support services.
Working side by side with music venues, concert halls, festivals, record labels, music agencies and cultural institutions, we share our network and experience in an honest and open way.
We have already promoted, supported and booked shows for International and Brazilian acts such as:
Doctor Velvet (Netherlands), The Anomalys (Netherlands), Forgotten Boys (Brazil), André Christovam (Brazil), Pedro La Colina (Chile), Freeborn Brothers (Poland), Mastermind (USA/Brazil), Fred Sunwalk (Brasil), Diunna Greenleaf (USA), Edu Ardanuy (Brazil), Fabulous Bandits (Brazil), The Mings (Netherlands/Brazil), Los Vigilantes (Puerto Rico), Muck and the Mires (USA), Doctor Explosion (Spain), The Jam Messengers (USA), The Dead Rocks (Brazil), The Cavemen (New Zealand), Dr. Crazy One Mad Band (Brazil), Riviera Gaz (Brazil/USA), Violeta de Outono (Brazil), Dead Elvis and his One Man Grave (Netherlands), Marco Butcher (USA/Brazil), The Great Munzini and the Astonishing Sotos (India), The Amazing OneManBand (Uruguay), Phantom Power (Brazil), The Tremolo Beer Gut (Denmark), The Courettes (Denmark/Brazil), Old Chevy (Brazil), Crazy Legs (Brazil), Os Haxixins (Brazil), Flávio Guimarães (Brazil), Hipbone Slim One Man Band (UK), The Dirty Coal Train (Portugal), Los Tones (Australia), Alberto Marsicano (Brazil), Surfer Joe (Italy), Didi Wray (Argentina), Netto Rockfeller (Brazil), Lord Bishop Rocks (USA/Germany), Curtis Salgado (USA), Bad Lucky Glambers (Brazil), Erasmo Carlos (Brazil), The Black Needles (Brazil), Sahara Surfers (Austria), Alarm (France), Sean & Zander (USA), Big Bang (Norway), Los Kahunas (Argentina), Baby Lou (Germany), Don Fernando (Australia), Broken Toys (Argentina), Los Primitivos (Argentina), Los Chamánicos (Chile), Cachorro Grande (Brazil), Wander Wildner (Brazil), Dead Fish (Brazil), Man Or Astroman? (USA), Nebula (USA), Luna (USA), And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead (USA), Watts (USA), Mudhoney (USA), Luna (USA), King Automatic (France), Tom Zé (Brasil), Daevid Allen & Gong Global Family (Australia).